C8211 supreme wax leaflet_PRINTWe have teamed together with the outstanding Fiddes & Sons to bring you the best in furniture wax, a brand of wax which has been specifically designed for use on painted furniture.

To be sure of a finished look that is versatile, you can choose from a selection of coloured waxes.... you can use as little or as much as you desire to obtain either a flat shabby chic finish or highly buffed smooth sheen

the choice is yours!

Simply apply a thin layer of wax with a lint free cloth or brush and allow to stand for 20-25 minutes then lightly buff until the cloth glides over the surface.

Fiddes & sons Perfectly compliments our colour pallet‚Äč range‚Äč of vintage with Grace chalk paints but can also be used on any painted surface. Wax will buff to a satin finish with vigorous buffing if so desired.