Pistachio Panache

They don’t come much bigger or bolder than this Tallboy lovingly re-worked and finished in Vintage With Grace Pistachio Chalk Paint. The ultimate in statement furniture that would stand out in any home.

First of all we removed all the hardware, handles, doors and drawers. We then sugar soaped the entire item as to make sure it was perfectly clean and free of any grime or odours.

The only prepping involved when using vintage with Grace Chalkpaint isĀ as follows
  • Clean the piece with sugar soap.
  • Lightly sand any area that is chippy or rough.
  • If necessary use frog tape, I recommend this rather than masking tape, as it doesn’t peel away any paint.
  • Use one of one of our natural bristle brushes or a sponge roller and simply apply Vintage With Grace Pistachio Chalkpaint.
  • To seal and protect your piece, we recommend using Polyvine Matt or Satin Wax to finish.